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Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

The family home is typically your most prized asset. As such, it makes sense to protect and enhance its value.

Due to Australia’s harsh climate, and the particularities of Victorian weather, it is recommended that the exterior of your home be painted every 5 to 10 years depending on its location and construction methods.

Coastal properties would be closer to five, timber exteriors require constant protection to avoid rot, while well protected, inland homes would be closer to the 10-year mark.

That said, maintenance touch ups may be required every year or two wherever paint is peeling, flaking or wearing thin.

Low Sheen or Gloss?

There is a huge array of paint types available on the market, but one question we are typically asked is whether a job is suited to a high or low gloss finish.

This can be often be decided by personal preference, whether one is hoping for a muted or bold result, but some surfaces are better suited to differing finishes.

Older properties will generally look better in a low sheen finish, as minor surface imperfections will be less obvious when matte coated. In a newer property, window and door frames will often bring a room to life with a super glossy paint that highlights their shape and structure.

To Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a product that is not generally appreciated by painters. It can age badly, peel and flake, and requires a great deal of effort to remove.

Walls that have been papered will generally be difficult to paint and require a great deal of preparatory work.

Wallpaper is often used to hide rough carpentry work, so a freshly stripped surface can be riddled with nail holes, gaps, and other problem areas.

Aside from practicality, the main negative though is that fashions and tastes change. A painted interior wall can be repainted quickly and easily if royal blue comes into vogue while sailing boat wallpaper will require a huge effort to replace with something more contemporary.

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